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Today, the President of the Riigikogu Ene Ergma met with the President of the Assembly of Kosovo Jakup Krasniqi and the delegation accompanying him, who were on a visit to Estonia. The main topic of the meeting was the integration of Kosovo towards the European Union and the help the state of Estonia can give in that process.

Speaker Krasniqi gave the President of the Riigikogu an overview of Kosovo’s political system, the parliament of Kosovo and the topical issues discussed there, and also of the country’s relations with its neighbours. The guest expressed hope that both Kosovo and Estonia would contribute to making their mutual relations closer and intensify the exchange of delegations. Krasniqi thanked Estonia for being among the first countries to recognise Kosovo and emphasized that they had learned a lot from Estonia’s experience in directing the development of their country. He added: “We hope that Estonia will also share with us its experience in achieving the goals of the accession process to the European Union.” Krasniqi said that they have good relations with the European Parliament, and that they continue their efforts to make the attitudes of the five European countries that have not yet recognised Kosovo more favourable. It is hoped that the support of other Member States of the EU will help achieve this.

Ergma appreciated the meeting very much, saying that it is very important to receive information directly from the source. The President of the Riigikogu said that Estonia has warm feelings for small countries and explained that small countries have many advantages both in the speed of development processes and transparency. “Small countries must be flexible in their development. Relying on our experience, we can offer you every possible assistance, especially at the parliamentary level, but also in building up the public service. Young states need time, and you can learn through activities,” said Ergma. Estonia’s experience in the IT sphere, among other things in providing public services, was also spoken about. “Young states are especially eager to adopt innovations and try them out. I believe we will find we have much in common in the implementing of e-democracy,” continued Ergma. “Each country tries to find its own way but the reforms that are carried out slowly usually are not very successful,” Ergma advised Kosovo to contribute to quick reforms.

President of the Assembly of Kosovo Jakup Krasniqi made an entry into the guestbook of the Riigikogu.

Deputy Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu Enn Eesmaa and member of the European Union Affairs Committee Urve Tiidus also took part in the meeting.

Photos of the meeting: https://fotoalbum.riigikogu.ee/v/2012/Ene_Ergma/Jakup_Krasniqi/

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