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At today’s meeting, the President of the Riigikogu Ene Ergma and the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz discussed financial issues, and it was confirmed that the totally justified needs of Estonia and the whole region are clearly kept in mind in the largest ever budget of the European Union (EU).

“Our Government has prepared the state budget and has submitted it to the Riigikogu for discussion. We are waiting for certainty also regarding the EU budget so that we can begin to implement the agreed programmes,” Ergma told Schulz.

Schulz confirmed that the European Parliament is making efforts to adopt the EU budget but there are complicated issues that need to be resolved, also concerning agricultural supports and regional supports which are important to Estonia.

The political situation in Ukraine and the perspective of signing the EU-Ukraine free trade agreement at the end of November were also discussed at the meeting. “Ukraine has not much time left but it is still possible to fulfil the previously assumed obligations. The conclusion of the agreement would significantly enhance the practical cooperation and communication between the European Union and Ukraine. The increasing co-functioning with the Eastern Partnership countries on a wider scale is in the interests of the European democracy and further development,” Ergma noted.

Photos of the meeting