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The President of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor is currently visiting Moldova, where he met with the Moldovan Minister of Foreign Affairs Natalia Gherman. The two discussed bilateral cooperation, security situation in the region, and Moldova’s partnership relations with the European Union (EU).

“Estonia is a firm and devoted supporter of Moldova’s integration with the European Union. But the decision on whether to become a full member of the Union should be made by the Moldovan people and no one else,” Nestor said. “In order to make this decision, citizens must receive truthful and unbiased information. Spreading of false propaganda on European Union by third countries is inappropriate and unacceptable.”

The parties gave a highly positive assessment to the relations and the practical cooperation between the countries. Gherman said that Moldova is seriously interested in learning about Estonia’s preparations before joining the EU.

In the framework of the joint visit of the presidents of Nordic and Baltic (NB8) parliaments, Eiki Nestor also met the Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti, Speaker Igor Corman and Prime Minister Iurie Leanca. The Moldovan leaders see no alternatives to the continuing integration of their country with the EU: this is the only way to ensure national stability and to provide the citizens with dignified living conditions.

According to the hosts, the successful development of the Baltic states within the European Union has been a good example for Moldova and a big help in explaining to its citizens the possibilities and the advantages offered by the EU.

The importance of carrying out fundamental reforms to improve the quality of life of the citizens and to cooperate more closely with the EU was stressed at the meetings.

“In order to receive good and positive news from Brussels, we must first take good news to Brussels ourselves. Successful domestic reforms in developing and ensuring the rule of law are things that our Moldovan friends and supporters will be happy about,” Nestor said during his meeting with the Moldovan leaders.

Presidents of NB8 parliaments also met and had discussions with representatives of NGOs and students of the Moldova State University.

Photos of the NB8 joint visit.

Watch the speech by Eiki Nestor at the NB8 meeting in the Moldovan parliament.