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Today, the Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee Kristen Michal met the Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs of Austria Margarete Schramböck to discuss digital economy, digitalisation, and cyber security.

Michal is very happy about Estonia’s reputation as an e-state, which makes it a role model for others. “When shaping digital democracy, it is vital for the Member States to cooperate in all fields of life. Today’s meeting with Margarete Schramböck showed yet again that Estonia’s experiences impose on us the task to help other Member States to acquire the necessary skills for developing and introducing new technologies. One of the things that Austria is interested in is Estonia’s success in using online platforms in the field of education. They are also interested in how to make the communication between the state and the citizens completely digital. The need for this has become particularly evident because of COVID-19,” Michal explained.

The Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee added that since online platforms were increasingly used for work during the pandemic, the topic of cyber security really came to the forefront. “Another key topic we discussed was security. Massive and highly coordinated cyber incidents take place almost daily, and the threat of attacks is constantly growing, as are the skills of the attackers. Our readiness and international cooperation in defending ourselves is crucial,” Michal said.

The Director of National Cyber Security Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications Raul Rikk also attended the meeting.

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