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At its sitting today, the Economic Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) approved the motions to amend the Bill regulating tourism. The motions enable the establishments providing accommodation to register their guests electronically and the obligation to preserve visitor’s cards in paper format will be abolished.

Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee Sven Sester said that the possibility to register the users of accommodation services electronically would make the work and life of both the providers of accommodation services and their clients simpler. “Actually, there is no reason why such an amendment could not have been made long ago. The guests would not have to fill in the visitor’s cards at the reception any more, and the information submitted already during making the reservation could be entered on the electronic card,” Sester added.

Member of the Economic Affairs Committee Annely Akkermann pointed out that the amendment would give the accommodation establishments the possibility of not having to the preserve visitor’s cards in paper format, which would be a big step in reducing bureaucracy. “At the same time, the new possibility is not an obligation, and if some hotels feel that registration on paper and preserving paper cards is more convenient for them, they will still have the right to do that,” she explained.

Regardless of whether the guests are registered on paper cards or electronically in the future, the accommodation establishments will still have to preserve the data on guests for two years, as it is required also at present.

The purpose of the Bill on Amendments to the Tourism Act and the Consumer Protection Act (234 SE), initiated by the Government, is to update the requirements for the provision of the accommodation service. The requirements which are not directly necessary or where self-regulation works well, like in the case of quality requirements, are reduced. The definition of the accommodation service and the description of the types of accommodation establishments will be renewed. The second reading of the Bill will be held on 18 November.

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