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The Riigikogu approved with 46 votes in favour (1 abstention) the Resolution of the Riigikogu “Fundamentals of Estonian Sports Policy until 2030” (828 OE).

“The support of the Riigikogu to the strategy document of sports policy provides a firm basis for starting the resolution of significant issues in the field of sport in cooperation of the state, local governments and sport organisations. One of the main aims is that our people would live healthier and longer,” the Chairman of the Cultural Affairs Committee Lauri Luik said.

The fundamentals of Estonian sports policy are based on the set of proposals approved at the VIII Estonian Sports Congress. The document defines the aims and development objectives of Estonian sports policy until 2030 that are to be achieved both for the development of the field and the improvement of the quality of life and the living environment through sport.

According to the vision, in 2030, the mental and physical balance and welfare of Estonian people will be corresponding to that of the Nordic countries. By that time, a living environment that facilitates physical activity, and services that support the increase of healthy years of life and the accompanying self-actualisation and economic growth, will have developed in Estonia.

To achieve this vision, the increasing role of exercising and sport in the development of the vitality of Estonian people, creation of a living environment rich in opportunities and the shaping of the good reputation of the Estonian state in this field is considered important as a national objective.

Enhancement of exercise habits of people, development of the role of sport as an economic branch and employer, expanding the role of sport as a carrier of positive values and increasing the representation of Estonian sports movement at the international level have been set as targets in priority development objectives.

The fundamentals of Estonian sports policy until 2030 serve as the basis for planning the Government’s activities in the field of sport. According to the Resolution, the Minister of Culture gives an overview of the implementation of the fundamentals of sports policy to the Riigikogu every year.

Toomas Tõniste who took the floor during the debate supported the passing of the fundamentals of the sports policy.