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The Chairman of the Constitutional Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) Kalle Laanet said at the international Migration Forum in Tallinn today that Estonia should not discuss whether it should receive refugees, but how it should be done.

“Today the issue is not whether Estonia should receive the refugees coming to South Europe with other European countries, but how we should do it,” Laanet said in the opening speech of the forum. “I am sure no one of us wants to think of what would have happened if the countries of Europe had turned their backs on those who left Estonia in the 1940s.”

In Laanet’s opinion it it important that Estonia shared the responsibility in solving the Mediterranean refugee crisis jointly with other countries of Europe, and would not turn its back on those European countries who are having problems because of the mass of refugees. “In this way we can make Europe more unified and also be sure that others will come to help us without hesitation if we need it,” he added.

The Migration Forum “Challenges to Resettlement” will discuss the immigration and asylum policies of the European Union and the experience of different European countries in receiving the refugees.

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