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Today, President of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) Jüri Ratas sent a letter to the Speakers of the national parliaments of the European Union, calling on them to support granting Ukraine the status of a candidate state for membership in the European Union.

Ratas pointed out that since 24 February, Ukraine had selflessly been fighting for the European Union values on the frontline, and had demonstrated the utmost determination and courage in resisting Russia’s aggression. At the same time, the country has submitted an application to accede to the EU. The European Commission is rapidly moving forward with the processing of Ukraine’s application and has promised to submit its opinion in June. “I hope that the Commission’s positive opinion will lay a strong foundation for the political support of the EU countries to recognising Ukraine as a candidate state for EU membership under Article 49 of the Treaty on European Union,” he said.

Ratas believes that the EU support is of crucial importance to Ukraine, motivating it to continue with the necessary reforms and inspiring hope in Ukrainian people to hold on. He underlined in the letter that more than 90 per cent of the people of Ukraine supported joining the EU.

Ratas said that Ukraine had expressed its readiness to meet all the conditions for EU membership, and the granting of the status of a candidate state would be the first important step in achieving this aim. “Estonia supports granting Ukraine the status of European Union candidate state. I hope that we will be able to pass this decision together in the European Union in the nearest future. We have to do everything in our power to support Ukraine’s ambitions,” he wrote.

Ratas emphasised that in supporting Ukraine, the EU citizens must not be ignored and their opinion had to be taken into account. He drew attention to the fact that societies of the whole Europe had expressed strong and unconditional support to Ukraine and its ambitions towards the European Union. In his opinion, the current tense security situation is calling for swift and responsible decisions. “I hope that your Parliament will support the proposal to grant the status of a candidate state for EU membership to Ukraine,” President of the Riigikogu wrote in his letter to the Speakers of the national parliaments of the EU.

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