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Today, an award ceremony was held in the White Hall to honour the achievers of the civil society in 2015. The President of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor welcomed the guests and encouraged them to continue building an inclusive and open society.

In his address, Nestor said that if we looked at the life in not only Estonia but also more broadly in Europe and the world, we could see a dialogue between two worlds: one open and one closed.

“The pillars of the open world are the active citizens who want to take part in life,” Nestor said. “The second distinguishing feature of the open world is the fact that everyone is included and no one is excluded.”

However, the open world faces resistance from the closed world, where everything is based on one doctrine that dictates everything, and where an individual is only allowed the right to nod their head in agreement.

Nestor expressed his hope that the open world would prevail over its opponent sooner or later.

The Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations, (EMSL) held its 20th award ceremony to acknowledge the achievers of the civil society. This year, the awards went to the NGO Spin, the Friendly Estonia movement, Teele Pehk, and the portal Poliitika.guru. The title of the Initiators of the Year went to two students of the Miina Härma Gymnasium from Tartu, Triin Karis and Merili Ginter, who are running a project that supports children with diabetes.

Photos of the event.

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