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At the 33rd session in Tallinn, the Baltic Assembly adopted a Resolution stressing the importance of the Rail Baltic/Rail Baltica project for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; called on the leaders of the three countries to increase the share of GDP allocated to defence; and made an Appeal to the European Commission on Support for Milk Producers of the Baltic States.

The Resolution notes that integration in the single market of the European Union is of utmost importance for Baltic economies and the lack of proper land transport infrastructure connections with other Member States of the European Union prevents people and businesses of the Baltic States from taking advantage of all benefits of the European Union, particularly those offered by the single market.

“The Rail Baltic/Rail Baltica project will not only remove barriers to the free movement of the population and goods of the Baltic States, but also connect, by means of an environmentally friendly transport infrastructure connection, the Baltic Region and the capitals of the three Baltic States with the rest of Europe,” the Resolution states.

In the Resolution, the Assembly also called on the parliaments and governments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as the Baltic Council of Ministers to increase the share of GDP allocated to defence; to strengthen the military cooperation of the Baltic States through enhancement of joint capabilities and ensuring of the support of the host country for the allied forces deployed in the region; and to develop strategic communication capabilities that can help protect against information attacks and hostile propaganda, also information tools and channels used in civil emergencies.

The Resolution also contains calls on greater cooperation of the three countries in energy sector, health sector and education.

The Baltic Assembly expressed deep concern over the particularly difficult situation of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian farmers following Russia’s embargo on imports of food products from the European Union (EU), and requested the European Commission to promptly take a positive decision on granting of direct compensatory aid to milk producers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in order to avoid irreversible consequences in the milk sector of the Baltic States.

The Resolution of the Baltic Assembly and Appeal to the European Commission were part of the Final Document of the 33rd Session of the Baltic Assembly. The Baltic Assembly is an international organisation that promotes cooperation between the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian parliaments. It was founded on 8 November 1991 in Tallinn.

Photos of the event