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The Estonian Free Party is a new political party that aims to make the political system of Estonia more open and to carry out the state reform and administrative reform.

Estonian Free Party Faction of the 13th Riigikogu has 6 members.

Estonian Free Party Faction 2018

World view

The Estonian Free Party is a new political party that has come on the political arena in order to make changes. In the opinion of the Free Party, the present congealing of Estonian politics cannot be considered the result of either too rightist or too leftist policy as all old political parties have contributed to it, regardless of their world view. The Free Party considers itself a political party whose views are a little right of the centre.

The Free Party Faction includes persons with great political experience: the author of the text that was used as the basis for the Constitution of Estonia Jüri Adams, and Andres Herkel, who have already for some time participated in the Estonian political life. The youngest member of the faction Külliki Kübarsepp has been the initiator of MTÜ Vaba Isamaaline Kodanik (NGO Free Patriotic Citizen) and the founding group of the Free Party. Artur Talvik is a civic activist and a vote magnet. Former Director of the Estonian National Museum Krista Aru is an expert in the issues of culture and research. Ain Lutsepp is one of the most outstanding Estonian actors who has now taken the role of a politician. Monika Haukanõmm is an expert of social issues, who has led the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People. Enn Meri as a long-time entrepreneur will bring completely new winds and the world view of an entrepreneur to the faction.

Political priorities in the near future

The Free Party wants the political system to be more open and the conditions for competition more equal. In order to achieve this, the unreasonably large financing of political parties from the state budget has to be reduced. It is necessary to carry out the state reform and such an administrative-territorial reform that ensures the decision-making right of local communities. Regarding the taxes, it is necessary to make clear calculations, not vague promises. Estonia must be a country where all people like to live, because people are our greatest value.

Numbers talk

  • 8,3% – 2015 election result
  • 37.5% – the percentage of women on the Free Party Faction (i.e. the largest percentage of women in comparison to other factions)


Last updated: 10.12.2018



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