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It is important for the Estonian Centre Party Faction that the state power is exercised responsibly and by showing respect to all people of Estonia. We strive to ensure that economic success does not remain on paper but reaches each person, regardless of their income, place of living, age, sex or nationality. Services close to home, high-quality education and medical care should be available everywhere across Estonia, so that it would be possible to create a family and take care of your home. In its activities, the Estonian Centre Party Faction proceeds from the interests of all the people of Estonia.

The Estonian Centre Party Faction in the 14th Riigikogu has 25 members.

In November 2016, Jüri Ratas became the Prime Minister and the Estonian Centre Party formed the Government. We took the government responsibility with the firm purpose of making our society more coherent and stronger, so that the number of population and welfare of the people would increase. The aims of the activities of the Estonian Centre Party Faction have always been promoting economic growth in Estonia, increasing the number of population, strengthening security, and enhancing of welfare and cohesion in the society.

Under the leadership of the Estonian Centre Party Faction, the 13th Riigikogu implemented a tax reform, as a result of which the income of 86% of people of Estonia increased or remained at the former level. It was agreed that in five years, additional 300 million euro would be contributed to health care, thus reducing treatment waiting lists. We increased child benefits and family allowances, and increased several necessary benefits, like the dental care benefit and the funeral benefit. We contributed to the development of rural life and paid the farmers transitional support payments in the maximum amount allowed. We restored the revenue base of local governments, so that local people could promote local life. In 2018, we established free public transport in counties.

The Estonian Centre Party Faction of the Riigikogu initiated debating of several matters of significant national importance in the 13th Riigikogu. On the initiative of Mihhail Stalnuhhin, the Riigikogu discussed the future prospects of Ida-Virumaa, and on the initiative of Jaanus Karilaid, the problem of the prevention of money laundering.

World view

The Estonian Centre Party is a popular party with broad electorate that focuses on values, which are important for the whole population. These values may be conservative, liberal or social-democratic. Our policy focuses on the concept of a strong country where no regions are marginalised and where the tax revenue is used to ensure the efficient performance of all the state’s functions. The Party sees its mission in representing the interests of the less well-off population and the national minorities. The Centre Party also values a state based on the trust of its citizens – the people must feel that they have an impact on the important decisions made by the state. Justice, development and unity are the three pillars of the Party.

Political priorities in the near future

The objective of the Centre Party in the near future is to make Estonia a stable welfare state. The purpose of the bills initiated by the Party is to ensure social security to all people. In the Riigikogu, the faction stands for a country where no regions are marginalised and every person can feel they are valued. Everyone should have the possibility of finding their place in the society, of being needed and included. We work together with all the factions that share our values to achieve these objectives.


The Estonian Centre Party was founded in Tallinn on 21 October 1991 on the basis of the Popular Front of Estonia. Edgar Savisaar was elected the Chairman of the new political party, and held this position until 2016. At present, the Chairman of the Party is the long-time President of the Riigikogu and the incumbent Prime Minister Jüri Ratas. Today, the Centre Party with its 28 regional organisations and 14,800 members is the largest political organisation in Estonia. The Centre Party Faction has been represented in every Riigikogu since Estonia regained its independence.


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