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The Estonian Centre Party Faction represents the centrist world view in the Riigikogu. Its activities support the interests of every Estonian resident. The faction supports increasing the role of the government sector in developing and governing Estonia, and advocates a tax policy that promotes European values.

The Estonian Centre Party Faction of the 13th Riigikogu has 25 members.

Estonian Centre Party Faction

The most important achievement of the faction in the 12th Riigikogu was the securing of free lunches in upper secondary schools. The relevant Bill had been submitted for legislative proceeding in the Riigikogu as long ago as 5 April 2011. While the Centre Party was in the government coalition, free school lunch was ensured for students of 1st to 4th grade, and since 2006, for all the basic school students.

World view

The work of the Centre Party has been based on the concept of a strong country where no regions are marginalised and where the tax revenue is used to ensure the efficient performance of all the state’s functions. The state must start intervening more in the mechanisms of market and economy, and offer more efficient support measures in the social field. The Party sees its mission in representing the interests of the less well-off population and the national minorities. The Party considers this the basis for the growth of a wider and stronger middle class in Estonia. The Centre Party also values a state based on the trust of its citizens – the people must feel that they are guiding the important decisions made by the state.

Political priorities in the near future

The objective of the Centre Party in the near future is to shape Estonia into a stable welfare state. The draft legislation initiated by the faction tries to ensure social security for every person regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, place of residence, economic situation, abilities, and health.

In the Riigikogu, the faction fights for the equal treatment of all the regions and the feeling of self-worth of all the Estonian residents. Everyone should have the possibility of finding their place in the society, and to be needed and included. We work together with all the factions that share our values to achieve these objectives.

Centre Party Faction in the Session Hall


The Estonian Centre Party was founded in Tallinn on 21 October 1991 on the basis of the Popular Front of Estonia. The new party elected Edgar Savisaar as its Chairman. Savisaar remained in this position until 2016. The current Chairman of the party is the long-term Vice-President of the Riigikogu, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas.

The deputies who had represented the Party in the Supreme Council of the Republic of Estonia (during the transition phase from a Soviet Republic) formed the Centre Party faction when the Council was replaced by the Riigikogu – the national assembly of the independent Estonia. Today, the Centre Party is the largest political organisation in Estonia with its 28 regional organisations and 14,250 members.

The Centre Party Faction has been represented in every Riigikogu since Estonia regained its independence.



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