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Each and every resolution that is passed in this hall should be based on the best and the most diverse analysis possible, and always consider Estonia as a whole. The Riigikogu must not act as the rubber stamp of the Government and produce defective laws; there should be more debates instead of overriding others with a road roller.

Conservative People’s Party of Estonia Faction
State Budget Control Select Committee, Environment Committee
Electoral district: Jõgevamaa and Tartumaa

Peeter Ernits


Jõgeva County and Tartu County Electoral District

11 June 1953 Tallinn
Married, one son and three daughters, four grandchildresn

Education: Kadriorg German Gymnasium (former Tallinn Secondary School No. 42) 1971; University of Tartu, genetics (equivalent to Master’s degree) 1976.

Career: Tallinn Zoo, researcher 1976–1980; Estonian Museum of Natural History, Zoology Department, Head of Department 1980–1988, Director 1989–1997; magazine Luup, Editor-in-Chief 1998–2002; newspaper Postimees, special correspondent 2002–2004; newspaper Maaleht, Editor-in-Chief 2004–2007, Deputy Editor-in-Chief 2008–2015; Tallinn Centre District Administration, Public Relations Adviser 2015

Party affiliation: Estonian Centre Party 2015–2018; Estonian Conservative People’s Party 2018–

Membership in representative bodies: 13th Riigikogu, 14th Riigikogu (Chairman of the Study Committee to Solve the Demographic Crisis 2020–2021); Elva Vallavolikogu 2021– 

Awards: Order of the White Star, 5th class 2004

Other activities: State Forest Management Centre, Member of the Supervisory Board 2019–; Estonian Union of Journalists; Kloogaranna Cultural Heritage and Nature Protection Society, Uisge Beatha Club and Haaslava Men’s Club; Tallinn Nõmme District Administrative Council 1993–1999;
Author of Ei või olla 2014, Mõned mu naabrid 2003, Raha pärast armastust 2004, Kivialused ja teised 2005, 101 Eesti loomad 2012, Jäljeaabits 2013, and Viimane Rüütel. Arnold Rüütli jäljed Eesti pinnal ja ajas 2017; translator of Loomade elu. 7. kd. Imetajad (Life of Animals. Volume 7. Mammals) 1987.
Co-author of Estonian Human Development Report 1995; interviewer in the video Savisaar. Hetked ja arvamused 2011. Presenter of talk shows Otseliin (ETV), Metsaomaniku kool (TV3), Vaba mõtte klubi, Otse kümnesse (Tallinna TV), and on Raadio Kuku. Numerous articles and pieces of investigative journalism in the Estonian press.

Hobbies: politics, society, nature, painting, animal photography.



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