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I wish that Estonia were a rule of law with deliberative democracy, that our people were healthier and happier, and that the Estonian language and culture would develop. My priorities are that education and research are valued more, medicine becomes patient-centred and more knowledge-based decision-making is used in politics.

Estonian Reform Party Faction
Cultural Affairs Committee
Electoral district: City of Tartu

Margit Sutrop


City of Tartu Electoral District

13 October 1963 Tartu, Estonia
Married, one son and two daughters, five grandchildren

Education: Miina Härma Gymnasium (former Tartu Secondary School No. 2) 1981; University of Tartu, journalism 1986, philosophy, MA 1991; University of Konstanz, philosophy, PhD (cum laude) 1998

Career: University of Konstanz, Department of Philosophy, researcher 1996–1997, 1999–2001; University of Tartu, Department of Philosophy, junior researcher 1986–1988, Centre for Ethics, Head, Professor of Practical Philosophy 2000–, Department of Philosophy, Head 2004–2007, Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics, Head 2008–2012, Faculty of Philosophy, Dean 2013–2015, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Dean, Rectorate 2016–2019

Party affiliation: Estonian Reform Party 2018–

Membership in representative bodies: 14th Riigikogu 2021–; Tartu City Council 2021–

Awards:Order of the White Star, 4th Class 2010; 
Concord Prize Award of the Open Estonia Foundation 2006; University of Tartu: Small Medal 2013, Grand Medal 2019 

Research activities: published monograph “Fiction and Imagination. The Anthropological Function of Literature” 2000, edited special editions of academic journals “Trames”, “Bioethics” and “Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics” and published over 100 scientific articles in international publications; 41 research and development-related managerial and administrative posts (incl. research grants from European Union 5th, 6th and 7th framework programmes and programme “Horizon 2020”, grants from UNESCO, Swedish Riksbank and Volkswagen Stiftung, and research grants funded by the national values programme at Ministry of Education and Research 2009–2013, 2015–2020 and Estonian Science Foundation / Estonian Research Council); supervised doctoral, post-doctoral and research master’s dissertations; Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies fellowship 2020.
Academia Europaea, nominated member 2004; AcademiaNet, pan-European network of excellent female scientists, nominated member 2020 

Other activities:
International activities: European Commission, independent ethics expert 2004–; European Research Council (ERC), independent ethics expert 2012–; European Science Foundation (ESF), independent expert, Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, independent expert 2016–; University of Konstanz, International Advisory Board 2007–; University of Tübingen, International Board of the Centre for Ethics 2011–; Academia Europaea, Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies Section Committee 2020–.
Activities in Estonia: Research Awards Committee of the Republic of Estonia 2005−2010; Estonian Council on Bioethics 2005−2018, Ethics Committee of Tartu University Hospital, Vice-Chair 2005−2018; Academic Advisory Board of the President of the Republic of Estonia 2006−2012; Steering Committee for the Estonian Long-term Education Strategy 2010−2020; Council of Ethics of Officials 2013−2019; Estonian Research Council, Working Group on Good Research Practice, Head 2016–2017; education and research strategy “Smart and Active Estonia 2035”; expert group on values and responsibility, head 2018–2019; North Estonia Medical Centre, Ethics Council 2018–; Estonian Medical Association, working group on patient’s end-of-life declaration of intent, co-founder 2020, etc.
Participated in the drafting of policy documents: Good Research Practice (2017), vision document of the expert group on values and responsibility of the Education and Research Strategy 2021–2035 (2019), Estonian Lifelong Learning Strategy (2020), Developing Estonian National System for Monitoring and Supporting Ethics in Scientific Research (2020), etc.
Compiled publications „Teadus ja teadmistepõhine ühiskond“ (“Science and Knowledge-based Society”) (with Urmas Sutrop) 2005, „Eesti Vabariigi naisministrid. Koguteos naistest poliitika tipus“ (“Estonian Female Ministers: Collection of Writings about Women at the Top of Politics”) (with Kristi Lõuk and Toomas Kiho) 2007; „Eetikakoodeksite käsiraamat“ (“The Handbook of Codes of Conduct”) (co-compiler) 2007; „Mõtestatud Eesti – ühiseid väärtusi hoides“ (“Contemplating Estonia – Upholding Common Values”) (with Triin Pisuke) 2008; „Eetika teadustes ja ühiskonnas. Tartu Ülikooli eetikakeskus 10“ (“Ethics in Sciences and Society. University of Tartu Centre for Ethics 10”) (with Triin Käpp, also in English) 2011; „Väärtuspõhine kool. Eesti ja maailma kogemus“ (“Values-based School. Practices in Estonia and in the World”) 2013; „Eetikakoodeksid. Väärtused, normid ja eetilised dilemmad“ (“Codes of Conduct: Values, Norms and Ethical Dilemmas”) 2016, etc.; book „Marika Mikelsaar. Multiresistentne Mamma Bakter“ (“Marika Mikelsaar. Multiresistant Mama Bacteria”) (co-author) 2008.
Estonian Society of Philosophy Teachers, Estonian Women Students Society, Tähtvere Society, Tartu Academic Tennis Club.
Photo exhibition “Mirror in the Mirror” in Tartu and Tallinn, 2020

Hobbies: tennis, photography



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