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Having been elected from West Virumaa, I stand for the people of West Viru County. I stand for locally produced food, for the Estonian agriculture and for rural life in general. The life in our rural regions can be stimulated by supporting rural economy in very way, and then well-paying jobs will also come to the rural regions. In order to make the economy of Estonia grow, the policies of the country should be aimed at increasing export. Only then there is reason to hope that people will not leave their native country and that those who have left will return to Estonia.

Estonian Centre Party Faction
Foreign Affairs Committee, Study Committee to Solve the Demographic Crisis
Electoral district: Lääne-Virumaa

Siret Kotka-Repinski


Lääne-Viru County electoral district

Married, one son
27 July 1986 in Viljandi

Education: Väike-Maarja Gymnasium 2005; University of Tartu, sociology, social policy and social work 2008; Tallinn University, MA in political science 2016

Career: Assistant Adviser to the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications 2005–2006; OÜ Fixor Holding, project manager 2007; Adviser to Deputy Mayor of Tallinn 2008–2014

Party affiliation: Estonian Centre Party 2004–, Member of the Board

Membership in representative bodies: 12th Riigikogu 2014–2015, 13th Riigikogu (Deputy Chairman of the Rural Affairs Committee 2015–2016, Chairman of the Study Committee to Solve the Demographic Crisis); Väike-Maarja Rural Municipality Council 2005–2014, , Rakvere City Council 2017

Other activities: promoter of village movements; NPO Triigi Mõis (Triigi Manor), Member of the Board; NGO Ausad Valimised (Fair Elections), Member of the Board; Väike-Maarja Farmers’ Society; Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals; Tallinn City Transport Company, Member of the Supervisory Board;
articles in the press; local newspaper Väikemaarjalane, editor 2011–

Hobbies: cooking, acting in amateur theatre



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