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I was born and grew up in Haapsalu. After graduating from university, I moved to Kohila municipality, where I live to this day. I have become firmly rooted in the rocky limestone ground of Rapla county, I have built my family there and raised two sons.
The survival of the Estonian state and people is clearly connected with changes in rural areas. Strong local governments and the possibility of life in the country are the values I stand for. As a forester, I feel responsible for the sustainability of forestry. Estonia should be a real forest country, it should not be just an empty word.

Isamaa Faction
National Defence Committee
Electoral district: Harjumaa and Raplamaa

Heiki Hepner


Harju County and Rapla County Electoral District

17 February 1966, Haapsalu
Married, two sons

Education: Läänemaa Gymnasium (former Haapsalu Secondary School No. 1) 1984; Estonian University of Life Sciences, forestry engineering 1991; MSc in forestry 2002, doctoral studies in forestry 2016–.

Career: Sutlema Forest District, deputy forester, 1991–1992; state forest lands, Mahtra Division, Chief Forester 1992–1993; Rapla Forestry Board, Mahtra Department, Chief Forester 1993–1994; Forestry Economy and Information Centre, Deputy Head, 1994–1999; State Forest Management Centre, Administrative Director, Head of the Consultation Department 1999–2008; forestry company OÜ Tark Mets, Member of the Board 2008–2011; Kohila Rural Municipality Mayor 2011–2019.

Party affiliation: Res Publica / Isamaa 2004–, Vice-Chairman

Membership in representative bodies: 14th Riigikogu; Kohila Rural Municipality Council 2005–2009, 2019–, also elected in 2013 and 2017.

Other activities: Estonian Forest Society, Chairman of the Board, President 2008–2012; Rapla County Association of Local Authorities 2011–, Chairman 2017–; Association of Estonian Cities, Member of the Board 2014–2017; forest owners’ NGO Ühinenud Metsaomanikud; Estonian Association of Forest Attendants; Kohila Hunters’ Society; Estonian Society of Forestry Students, founding member, member of the alumni association; EELC Hageri St. Lambertus Congregation.
Author of statistical reviews on forestry; specialised articles in journals and the press; participation in TV and radio programmes.

Hobbies: dendrology, forestry, nature, reading.



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