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I am an entrepreneur by nature. I have been active in media and music, as well as a municipal council member. Balanced development of the Estonian state, and the survival of the Estonian language and culture are important to me. In the situation where life is concentrating in larger cities, the government must strengthen rural areas. For Estonia to survive, it is important to support families with many children and to extend the platform of national values.

Estonian Conservative People’s Party Parliamentary Group
Finance Committee
Electoral district: Harjumaa and Raplamaa

Siim Pohlak

Siim Pohlak

Harju County and Rapla County Electoral District

14 May 1985, Tallinn
Non-marital partnership, three children

Education: Tallinn Adult Gymnasium 2006; Tallinn University, administration and business management 2014–2019

Career: OÜ Trendnet Grupp, Member of Board 2004‒2019; OÜ Ring FM Media, Member of Board 2015–

Party affiliation: Estonian Conservative People’s Party 2014–, Member of Board

Membership in representative bodies: 14th and 15th Riigikogu (Deputy Chair 2019, 2022–, Chair 2019–2021 of Parliamentary Group); Kose Rural Municipality Council 2013–

Other activities: Tre Raadio, founder and owner; Tuhala-Kata-Tammiku Village Society;
published articles in the press, worked as MC and DJ, organised concerts of Estonian and foreign musicians in Estonia and Latvia

Hobbies: reading, history, sports



  • Arupärimine soolise võrdsuse ja võrdse kohtlemise edendamise kohta era- ja pereelus (nr 268)

  • Aitäh, lugupeetud juhataja! Hea minister! Kui kaugele te ikkagi selle sooneutraalsusega minna tahate? Siin sooneutraalsed WC-d juba tekivad, ka sooneutraalsed duširuumid. Kuhu te sellega välja tahate jõuda? Sooneutraalsed spordivõistlused. Veel kord, te küll ütlete, et te ei ole selleks küsimuseks v
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