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I am an active person with a positive attitude towards life. By my political views, I am a national conservative, and I support traditional family values.
I want to stand for the better future of the people of Estonia, so that both the young and the old would live decent lives, and that more happy children would be born.
Relying on my long-time professional experience in business, as a member of the Riigikogu I would like to reduce red tape and taxes in order to make the Estonian companies more competitive on the export markets. Developing entrepreneurship is the basis for Estonian national economy.

Conservative People’s Party of Estonia Faction
Economic Affairs Committee
Electoral district: Harjumaa and Raplamaa

Kai Rimmel


Harju County and Rapla County Electoral District

23/11/1952 Viljandi, Estonia
Married, son and daughter, three grandchildren

Education: Viljandi Carl Robert Jakobson Secondary School No. 1 in 1971; Tallinn University of Technology, conservation technology (equivalent to Master’s degree) 1977

Career: Tallinn Model Poultry Factory / AS Tallegg Engineer-Technologist 1977–1986, Head of Department 1986–1994, Member of the Board 1993–2003, Sales Director 1994–2003; Morganinvest OÜ, Member of the Board 2001–2010; OÜ Delimeat, Sales and Marketing Director, CEO 2003–2004; Arktik OÜ, Sales Director 2004–2006; OÜ Estover, CEO 2006–2010; AS Ingle, Head of Sales Department 2011–2012; OÜ Vändra Ökopagar, Sales and Marketing Director 2013–2014; KR Teenused OÜ, Chair of the Board 2014–; RemedyWay OÜ, CEO and Project Manager 2016–2019

Party affiliation: Estonian People’s Union 2006–2012; Conservative People’s Party of Estonia 2012–;

Membership in representative bodies: 14th Riigikogu

Other activities: Marketing Institute of Estonia, sales and marketing course 2001

AS Eesti Munatooted, Member and Chair of Governing Council 1993–2003; SIA Tallat, subsidiary of AS Tallegg in Latvia, Chair of Governing Council 1997–2003, UAB Selingas, subsidiary of AS Tallegg in Lithuania, Member of Governing Council 2000–2003

Hobbies: sports, handicraft, literature, crosswords



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