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I believe that entrepreneurship is the engine of success of Estonia. Over some dozens of years, I have created hundreds of jobs and built up well-known trademarks with the aim of contributing to the growth of the welfare of the Estonian people. Salaries and pensions grow only together with the economy. I wish to work in the name of ensuring that everybody would have a more secure feeling about the future and no one would be left alone with their worries. In the Riigikogu, I stand for Estonia to become a successful, open and tolerant Nordic country with European values.

Estonian Centre Party Faction
European Union Affairs Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee
Electoral district: Kesklinn, Lasnamäe and Pirita districts of Tallinn

Imre Sooäär


Tallinn city districts of Kesklinn, Lasnamäe and Pirita

13 March 1969 Tallinn

Education: Saaremaa Co-Educational Gymnasium 1987; Tallinn University, cultural management 1987–1989; Ultralight Aircraft Flying School in Toronto 1993; Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, composition 2012, MA 2015

Career: VCR (Toronto), commercials and documentary films creator 1990–1992; Giant Productions (Toronto), Executive Producer, ETV correspondent 1992–1996; Toronto Estonian Radio, Editor-in-Chief 1994–1996; OÜ Pädaste, CEO 1996–2003; Government Office, Organising Committee of the Estonian Presidency in the Council of the European Union 2017; Business Diplomacy Division at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Adviser 2020

Party affiliation: Res Publica 2002–2006; Estonian Reform Party 2006–2018; unaffiliated member of the Estonian Centre Party Political Group

Membership in representative bodies: 10th Riigikogu (Deputy Chairman of Rural Affairs Committee 2003–2005), 11th and 12th Riigikogu, 13th Riigikogu 2015–2016 and 14th Riigikogu; Muhu Rural Municipality Council 1996–2003, also elected in 2005−2013

Other activities: Head of Estonian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean (PA-UfM) 2011–2016; Head of Estonian delegation to the European Security and Defence Assembly 2011; Higher National Defence Courses 2013.
Estonian Manor Association, Vice President; European Historic Houses Association, Member of Executive Committee; organised charity campaigns to support musical education of children and young people with hearing disabilities.
Author of the concept of the 11th Youth Song and Dance Celebration “The Wide World Begins in a Small Land” 2011.
Created music, written songs, made films, published articles in Estonian and foreign press.
Lectures and presentations in universities and international conferences.

Hobbies: Music, international relations, world cultures, aviation, film, alpine skiing, diving, culinary arts, oenology, creative activities 



  • Põllumajandustoote ja toidu tarneahelas ebaausa kaubandustava tõkestamise seaduse eelnõu (377 SE) teine lugemine
  • Silmitsi me seisame selle teemaga endiselt. Ja kõiki neid teemasid tuleks lahendada kompleksselt, läbi ministeeriumide allasutuste, otsides lahendusi. Me kindlasti ei saa kellegi väitele tuginedes siin Riigikogus öelda, kas see mesi oli Eestist või see maasikas oli sealt. Loomulikult nõuab see hästi
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