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I am an islander from Hiiumaa, a mother of two, and a leader of local government.

Having contributed to the upbuilding of a local government model unique in Estonia during administrative reform, it has been important to me that the current regional distinctions and strengths be preserved in the island-wide Hiiumaa municipality, and that the islanders of Hiiumaa living in various places feel that their home municipality does not abandon them. It is equally important to me that all Estonia be a good place to live, and no region or person be disregarded.

Social Democratic Party Parliamentary Group
Foreign Affairs Committee
Electoral district: Hiiumaa, Läänemaa and Saaremaa

Reili Rand

Reili Rand

Hiiu County, Lääne County and Saare County Electoral District

19 March 1991, Kärdla
Non-marital partnership, two children

Education: Käina Gymnasium 2010; University of Tartu, sociology, social policy and social work 2014

Career: Consultation Centre for Families and Children, Project Manager 2013; Child Advocacy Chamber, CEO 2011–2015; Assistant to Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications 2014–2015; Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association, Project Manager 2015; Hiiu Rural Municipality Mayor 2015–2017; Hiiumaa Rural Municipality Mayor 2017–2021; Social Democratic Party, Secretary General 2023–

Party affiliation: Social Democratic Party 2012–2013, 2015–

Membership in representative bodies: 14th Riigikogu 2022–2023, 15th Riigikogu; Hiiumaa Rural Municipality Council 2021–2023, also elected 2017

Other activities: Hiiumaa Hospital Foundation, Member of Governing Council 2017–; Environmental Investment Centre, Council 2023–; Hiiumaa Rural Municipality Emmaste Rural Municipality District Assembly 2021–2022

Hobbies: sailing, recreational sports



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