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I am an entrepreneur, a writer and an analyst, the Deputy Chairman of the Estonian Conservative People's Party. I have worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the embassies in Bonn and Kiev, and as the Counsellor on Foreign and Security Policy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2003, I founded the Research Centre Free Europe in order to critically analyse the perspective of Estonia in the accession to the European Union. For the last six years, I have been the head of the publishing house Kunst. In autumn 2005, together with the people sharing the same views, we founded the opinion portal the Syndicate of Sound Mind. I am also a regularly writing columnist.

Conservative People’s Party of Estonia Faction
Finance Committee
Electoral district: Mustamäe and Nõmme districts of Tallinn

Martin Helme


Tallinn city electoral districts of Mustamäe and Nõmme

24 April 1976 in Tallinn
Married, four daughters and one son

Education: Tallinn Secondary School for Adults 1995; University of Tartu, history 2000 (equivalent to Master’s degree)

Career: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consular Department: foreign service at embassies in Bonn and Kiev, Political Department, Policy Planning Division, Counsellor on Foreign and Security Policy 1995‒2000; Open Estonia Foundation, Programme Manager 2000; Tallinn Grammar School, teacher of history, civic studies and philosophy 2000–2002; Rakvere Exhibition House, Director 2002; Chamber of Notaries, Public Relations Manager 2003; Research Centre Free Europe, Head 2003–2004; news portal Delfi, editor of foreign news 2004‒2007; Kunst Publishers, Head 2009–

Party affiliation: Conservative People's Party of Estonia 2012–, Vice-Chairman

Membership in representative bodies: XIII Riigikogu (Chairman of faction); Tallinn City Council 2017

Other activities: leader of the campaign against joining the European Union before the 2003 referendum; Estonian National Movement, founding member 2006, later leader; founder of the opinion portal Terve Mõistuse Sündikaat; Estonian Defence League 1992–; Estonian Public Broadcasting Council; Guarantee Fund, Member of the Supervisory Board; Tallinn Toompea Kaarli Congregation, Member of the Council;
articles on politics in the press; Tallinn TV programme “Otse kümnesse”, regular speaker

Hobbies: jazz music, recreational sports



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