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In the Riigikogu, I am continuing to put representing the interests of Pärnu County to the forefront. More often than not, these are also national interests. Be they the construction of the four-lane sections of Via Baltica, and Rail Baltic, or the new bridge in Pärnu, to which we managed to ensure national funding during the last term of the Riigikogu.
Speaking of the “tax hump”, it is not right to consider teachers, police officers or doctors so wealthy that a certain part of their income could be taxed at 33%. While an income tax exemption of 700 euro for everyone is a challenge for the public purse, it is a welcome and necessary change.

Estonian Reform Party Parliamentary Group

Electoral district: Pärnumaa

Toomas Kivimägi

Toomas Kivimägi

Pärnu County Electoral District

16 February 1963, Lihula, Lääne County
Non-marital partnership, three children

Education: Sindi Gymnasium 1981; University of Tartu, law (equivalent to Master’s degree, cum laude) 1986

Career: Soontagana Collective Farm, Legal Assistant to Chair 1986–1990; Pärnu County Government, Legal Adviser at Department of Agriculture, Deputy County Governor 1990–1993, County Governor 1993–2009; Mayor of Pärnu 2009–2015

Party affiliation: Estonian Reform Party 2014–

Membership in representative bodies: 13th Riigikogu (Chair 2015–2016, Deputy Chair 2016–2019 of Economic Affairs Committee), 14th Riigikogu (Chair of Legal Affairs Committee 2019–2021,Chair of Constitutional Committee 2021–2022, Chair of Security Authorities Surveillance Select Committee 2022–2023), 15th Riigikogu (Vice-President); Pärnu City Council 2017–, also elected 2009 and 2013

Awards: Order of the White Star, 3rd Class 2001, Order of the Estonian Red Cross, 2nd Class 2005;
United Mexican States Order of the Aztec Eagle 1996; Commander with Star of the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit 1998;
Golden Cross of the Rescue Service; Pärnu County Coat-of-Arms Badge; Pärnu City Coat-of-Arms Badge; Pärnu Man of the Year, etc.

Other activities: White Beach Golf Club

Hobbies: sports (golf, alpine skiing, bowling), gardening, economy



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