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I prefer living in such a way that it is possible for myself to develop, and that Auditor General Karis would not have to initiate an audit on wasting of me as a national resource due to non-use. Having been a member of four Riigikogus has given me the possibility to participate in the work of four committees. The Constitutional Committee, where I will be able to rely on my experience as the Minister of the Interior and Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee, is a pleasant addition to this list.

Isamaa Faction
Constitutional Committee
Electoral district: Lääne-Virumaa

Marko Pomerants


Lääne-Virumaa Electoral District 

24 September 1964, Tamsalu, Lääne-Virumaa, Estonia
Married, two sons

Education: Tamsalu Secondary School 1982; University of Tartu, geology 1989; MA in Public Administration 2001 

Career: Rakvere Nature Protection Administration, Deputy Head 1989–1990; Lääne-Viru County Government, Head of Nature Protection Service 1990–1994, Head of Environment Department 1994–1995; Lääne-Viru County Governor 1995–2003; Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Estonia 2003–2005, Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Estonia 2009–2011; Minister of the Environment of the Republic of Estonia 2015–2017. 

Party affiliation: Res Publica/Pro Patria and Res Publica Union 2002– , Member of the Board

Membership in representative bodies10th Riigikogu (Deputy Chairman of faction 2003, Chairman 2005–2007), 11th Riigikogu (Chairman of the Environment Committee 2007–2009), 12th Riigikogu (Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee 2011–2014, Deputy Chairman 2014–2015), 13th Riigikogu (Chairman of the Constitutional Committee 2017– ); Rakvere City Council 2017–, also elected in 2005 and 2009

Awards: Cross of Merit of the Estonian Border Guard, 2nd class 2000; Estonian Defence Forces commemorative medal “10 Years from the Re-Establishment of the Estonian Defence Forces” 2001; Badge of the Border Guard “Sword and Lynx”, 2002; Golden Cross of the Rescue Board 2002; Golden Badge of the Ministry of the Interior 2011; Golden Award of the Geological Survey of Estonia 2017. 

Other activities: Museums of Virumaa, Member of the Board, 2002–2016; Estonian Volleyball Federation, Member of the Board 2010–. Published articles in the Estonian press. 

Hobbies: amateur sports, nature, reading.



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