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My work experience so far has mainly been connected with economy, public finance and tax matters. I am committed to increasing the competitiveness of our economy and making Estonia the best place for investments and creation of jobs. I support responsible budget policy. I uphold the principle that the running costs of the state are covered by running income and that borrowing is justified for investments and extraordinary expenses. I contribute to the shaping of policies that raise the incomes of the people and increase national security. As a long-time resident of Viimsi municipality, I am acquainted with the life in Harju County, I know the situation there and the main issues that need to be solved.

Estonian Reform Party Parliamentary Group
European Union Affairs Committee, Finance Committee
Electoral district: Mustamäe and Nõmme districts of Tallinn

Aivar Sõerd

Aivar Sõerd

Harju County and Rapla County Electoral District

22 November 1964, Haapsalu
Non-marital partnership, three children

Education: Fr. R. Kreutzwald Võru Secondary School No. 1 in 1983; University of Tartu, finance and credit 1990; Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, music interpretation 2016, MA 2018

Career: AS Eesti Kindlustus, Tartu Office, Director 1990–1993; Ministry of Finance, Tax Policy Department, Deputy Head 1993–1996; Tax Board, Deputy Director General 1996–1999, Director General 1999–2003; AS Vaba Maa, Chair of Board 2004–2005; Minister of Finance 2005–2007; OÜ TLG Hotell, Member of Board 2007–2011

Party affiliation: Estonian People’s Union 2005–2010; Estonian Reform Party 2010–, Member of Board

Membership in representative bodies: 12th Riigikogu, 13th Riigikogu (Chair of State Budget Control Select Committee 2017–2019), 14th and 15th Riigikogu; Viimsi Rural Municipality Council 2009–2011, 2017–, also elected 2013

Awards: Order of the White Star, 4th Class 2003

Other activities: Guarantee Fund, Supervisory Board 2019–;
CD of organ music “Orel“ 2015; performed (including solo programmes) at concerts and music festivals: Tallinn International Organ Festival, Tallinn Bach Music Festival, Corelli Music festivals “Tallinna tornid” (“Towers of Tallinn”) and “Kirikupühad Maarjamaal” (“Church Holidays in the Land of Mary”), festival “Rakvere orelisuvi” (“Rakvere Organ Summer”), International Music Day, music hours in churches of Tallinn and in Tartu, and solo concert at St. John’s Church in St. Petersburg 2016

Hobbies: recreational sports, music



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  • Aitäh küsimuse eest! Ei, põhimõtteliselt ei saa niimoodi öelda, et oleks mingisugune selline hoiak, et kulude kärpimise teemat mitte käsitleda. See on väga oluline teema. Mis seda nulleelarve asja puudutab, siis sellega alustati juba Jüri Ratase esimese valitsuse ajal. Tehti suured tegevusprogrammid
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