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I hold national conservative views, and my ideal is a Europe of nation states. Estonia is a part of our common European home. When we make Estonia better, we also make the whole Europe better.
However, our state of Estonia is becoming alienated from the Estonian values. Migration from the east has again increased drastically, the universities are on the way towards giving education in English, birth rate is below reproduction level. Maybe these degeneration processes are inevitable. But in that case, I would like to be sure that it is our informed choice. The citizens must be given a possibility to express their opinion clearly, or in other words, the possibility to initiate binding referenda must be returned to our society.

Conservative People’s Party of Estonia Faction
State Budget Control Select Committee, European Union Affairs Committee, Cultural Affairs Committee
Electoral district: City of Tartu

Jaak Valge


City of Tartu Electoral District

1 March 1955 Kiviõli, Estonia
Married, three daughters and five sons, three grandchildren

Education: Kiviõli Secondary School No. 1 in 1973; University of Tartu, history 1987, PhD (history) 2003

Career: Institute of History of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Research Assistant, Senior Research Assistant, Junior Research Fellow, Research Fellow 1984–1995; University of Tartu, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of History, Lecturer 1995–2004; Estonian State Archives, Research Adviser, Head of Department, Deputy Director 1996–2000; Ministry of the Interior, Acting Head of Department, Head of Department 2000–2002; Estonian National Archives, County Archivist, Project Manager 2002–2011; Tartu University Viljandi Cultural Academy, Research Director, Expert in Research Competence 2005–2012; Tallinn University, Estonian Institute for Population Studies, Research Professor 2005–2018; University of Tartu, Institute of History and Archaeology, Associate Professor 2005–

Party affiliation: Estonian National Independence Party 1989–1993; Conservative People’s Party of Estonia 2018–;

Membership in representative bodies: 14th Riigikogu

Awards: 2nd prize for Estonian academic works published in English abroad 1995; Annual History Book Prize 2003; Silver Prize of journal Akadeemia 2007; Best Article Prize of journal Tuna 2007; Lennart Meri Research Prize 2014; Tallinn University Best Monograph Prize 2015

Other activities: Eesti Pank (Bank of Estonia), Member of the Supervisory Board;
Published more than 60 scientific articles, and books: “Economic Nationalism and Industrial Growth. State and Industry in Estonia 1934–39” 1998 (co-author); “Lahtirakendamine. Eesti Vabariigi majanduse stabiliseerimine 1918–1924” (“Unharnessing. Stabilising the Estonian Economy in 1918–1924”) 2003; “Juurdepääsupiirangud arhivaalidele Euroopas ja Venemaal. Ajalooline kujunemine ja tänapäev” (“Access Restrictions to Archival Records in Europe and Russia. Historical Development and Today”; one of the authors) 2005; “Eesti rahvastiku majandustegevuse näitarve XX sajandil” (“Numbers Indicating the Economic Activities of the People of Estonia in the 20th Century”; one of the authors, editor) 2007; “Poliitilise mõtte ajaloost Eestis aastatel 1930–1940. Dokumente ja materjale” (“History of Political Thought in Estonia in 1930–1940. Documents and Materials”; one of the compilers) 1995; “Eesti autoveondusest sõnas ja pildis. XX sajandi algusest tänapäevani” (“Estonian Road Transport in Word and Picture. From the Beginning of the 20th Century up to Present Day”; one of the compilers) 2008; “Üleilmastumine ja globaalprobleemid” (“Globalisation and Global Problems”; co-author) 2009; “Punased I” (“Reds I”) 2014, 2015; “Eesti parlament 1917–1940. Poliitiline ajalugu” (“The Parliament of Estonia in 1917–1940. Political History”) 2019
Published numerous essays, criticism and articles in the press.

Hobbies: history, literature, rock music



  • Riigikogu otsuse „Rahvahääletuse korraldamine abielu mõiste küsimuses“ eelnõu (288 OE) teine lugemine
  • Aitäh sõna eest! Hea istungi juhataja! Hea ettekandja! Pole kahtlust, et see töö takistamine oli suunatud abielureferendumi vastu ja ma küsin natukene palvega üldistada. Nimelt, et missugune mulje on sulle kui komisjoni esimehele jäänud, kas probleem oli ainult selles, et obstruktsiooni läbiviijatel
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