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I work to ensure that the words "Estonia" and "civil society" would be in the same line not only in speeches but also in actions, that all Estonian people would have equal opportunities and obligations. True democracy presumes progressive income tax and precludes e-elections

Estonian Centre Party Faction
Study Committee on the Development of Estonian Language Instruction, Constitutional Committee
Electoral district: Ida-Virumaa

Mihhail Stalnuhhin


Ida-Viru County Electoral District

15 September 1961 Tartu, Estonia
Married, two sons  and two grandchildren

Education: Tallinn Tynismae Science School (former Tallinn Secondary School No. 19) 1978; Tallinn University, Estonian as second language (equivalent to Master’s degree) 1995

Career: Narva School of Light Industry, teacher of Estonian 1989–1992; Narva Language Centre, methodologist 1992–1999

Party affiliation: Estonian Centre Party 1996–

Membership in representative bodies: 9th Riigikogu (Deputy Chairman of faction 2002), 10th Riigikogu 2003–2005 (Deputy Chairman of faction 2004–2005), 11th Riigikogu (resigned), 12th and 13th Riigikogu (Chairman of State Budget Control Select Committee 2011–2016, Chairman of Finance Committee 2016–2019), 14th Riigikogu (Chairman of the Study Committee on the Development of Estonian Language Instruction); Narva City Council 1994–2002, 2017 –, Chairman 2002–2011, also elected in 2013

Awards: Order of St. Sergius of Radonezh of the Russian Orthodox Church, 1st Class 2006; Order of St. Orthodox Prince Daniel of Moscow of the Russian Orthodox Church 2015

Other activities: NPO Veredoonorlus Kõigile (Blood Donation for Everyone) and Arnold Meri Antifascist Committee, founding member; AS Tallinna Soojus (Tallinn Heat Network), Supervisory Board.
Language learning materials “Eesti keel iseõppijaile” (“Estonian for Self-Learners”) I–III 1995–1997, “Vene-eesti õppesõnastik” (“Russian-Estonian Learner's Dictionary”, co-author) 1997, 1999, “Eesti-vene õppesõnastik” (“Estonian-Russian Learner's Dictionary”, co-author) 1998, “Самоучитель эстонского языка, или, Скорая грамматическая помощь” ("Teach Yourself Estonian, or Grammar First Aid") 2012–2013, 2016, “Русско-эстонский учебный словарь” 2013, “Tere! – Здравствуйте! Киногид по Таллинну” (“Hello! Cinema Guide of Tallinn”) 2015.
Children’s books “Kuidas karta, kui üldse hirmu pole ehk Pööningulood” and “Как бояться, если совсем не страшно, или Чердачные истории” (“How To Be Afraid When You Have No Fear, or Attic Stories”) 2016, “Mutijahi päev ehk Õuelood” and “День охоты на крота, или Дворовые истории” (“Mole Hunting Day, or Outdoors Stories”), “Kuidas mägrapoiss mesilasi üle luges ehk Metsalood” and “Как барсучонок пчёл пересчитывал, или, Лесные истории” (“How the Badger Boy Counted the Bees, or Forest Stories”), and “Võitlus varesesalus ehk Külalood” and “Битва в вороньей роще, или Деревенские истории” (“Fight in the Crow Grove, or Village Stories”) 2017, “Võlukaev ehk Padrikulood” and “Волшебный колодец, или, Чащобные истории” (“Magic Well, or Thicket Stories”) 2018, “Hambuline portfell ehk Loomaaialood” and “Зубастый портфель, или Zоо-истории” (“Briefcase with Teeth, or Zoo Stories”) 2019, Peremehe lemmikpüksid ehk Tänavalood, and Любимые трусы хозяина или Уличные истории (Master’s Favourite Pants, or Street Stories) 2019, collection of short stories “33 оттенка зеленого” (“33 Shades of Green) 1999, satire collection “Ансиппиада” (“Ansipiad”) 2014, and numerous articles in the press

Hobbies: rock music, history of inquisition



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