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In state governance, it is important to value and involve the community and to listen to its views. Everyone should feel that the development of the country depends on their contribution as well. Children and young people are without a doubt the key to Estonia's future. We have two huge tasks to undertake in order to support children and give families a stronger sense of security. More children must be born in Estonia, so that the Republic of Estonia and life in our countryside have a deeper meaning. We must also make every effort to ensure that no child grows up in poverty. Children and young people must be provided a sound foundation so that they could find competitive employment in the future, be motivated and proactive.

Social Democratic Party Faction
State Budget Control Select Committee, Economic Affairs Committee
Electoral district: Võrumaa, Valgamaa and Põlvamaa

Kalvi Kõva


Võru County, Valga County and Põlva County electoral district

16 November 1974 in Rõuge Rural Municipality, Võru County
Married, one daughter and two sons

Education: Võru Industrial Vocational School, wood processing technology 1994

Career: Rõuge Basic School, teacher 1993–1994; Rõuge Rural Municipality Council, construction specialist 1995–1996; Nursi Basic School, teacher 1996–1997; entrepreneur 1997–1999; Rõuge Rural Municipality Mayor 1999–2007;  Social Democratic Party, Secretary General 2018–

Party affiliation: Social Democratic Party 2001–

Membership in representative bodies: 11th Riigikogu, 12th Riigikogu (Chairman of the Rural Affairs Committee), 13th Riigikogu (Deputy Chairman of faction 2015–2016, Chairman 2016–2018); elected to Rõuge Rural Municipality Council in 1999–2009

Awards: Order of the White Star, 4th class 2006

Other activities: Estonian Public Broadcasting Council 2016–; Estonian Basketball Association, Member of the Board; NGO Rõuge Volunteer Firemen, Member of the Board; private entrepreneur



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