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As a teacher at Gustav Adolf Grammar School, I have considered it necessary to emphasise to the pupils that a democratic society that supports individual freedoms can be very vulnerable. The free society in which the young people of today have been able to live and learn must be upheld every day. As a historian, I know what happens when we neglect that work. As a social democrat, I am convinced that a society of solidarity and caring helps protect democracy the best. These are the values I stand for as a member of the Riigikogu.

Social Democratic Party Faction
Cultural Affairs Committee
Electoral district: Haabersti, Põhja-Tallinn and Kristiine districts of Tallinn

Jaak Juske


Tallinn City Electoral Districts of Haabersti, Põhja-Tallinn and Kristiine

12 December 1976 Tartu
Married, three daughters and one son

Education: Tartu Secondary School No. 15 1995; Tartu Academy of Theology and Institute of Theology of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Theology 1995–2005; University of Tartu, guest student 1999–2003; Tallinn University, History 2008–2009

Career: newspaper Postimees, reporter 1994; Right-Wingers/ People’s Party, press representative 1997–1998; People's Party Moderates: head of the election campaign in Elva 1999, Tallinn City Council, adviser of the faction 1999–2002, Riigikogu, adviser of the faction 2002–2003; Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association, project management 2003–2004; Social Democratic Party: press representative and head of campaign 2004–2005, Tallinn City Council, adviser of the faction 2005–2009, head of the election campaign in Tallinn 2009; Gustav Adolf Grammar School, teacher 2013– ; Juske Lugu OÜ, Member of the Board 2016–; Tallinn Secondary Science School, teacher of religious studies 2017–

Party affiliation: Right-Wingers/ People’s Party 1997–1999; People's Party Moderates/Social Democratic Party 1999–2019

Membership in representative bodies: 14th Riigikogu; Tallinn City Council 2009– (Vice-Chairman 2010–2013)

Awards: National Heritage Board acknowledgement for promoting heritage awareness 2018

Other activities: Estonian Defence League; Estonian Students’ Society; Pelgulinn Society; Telliskivi Society; Tallinn Industrial Parks, Member of the Supervisory Board 2009–2011.
Books Lood unustatud Tallinnast (Stories from the Forgotten Tallinn) I–II 2012, 2013 (in Russian 2017), Lood unustatud Tartust (Stories from the Forgotten Tartu) and Imelik nõukaaeg. Isa põnevad jutud ajaloost (Strange Soviet Times. Father’s Fascinating Stories about History) 2013, Tallinna märtsipommitamine 1944 (March Bombing in Tallinn 1944), Famous Estonian Explorers and Pirates. Father’s Fascinating Bedtime Stories about History), Lood unustatud Narvast (Stories from the Forgotten Narva, in Russian 2015) and Eesti kuningad, rüütlid ja printsessid (Estonian Kings, Knights and Princesses) 2014, Tallinna vanalinna kummitusmajad (Haunted Houses in Tallinn Old Town), Lood unustatud Pärnust (Stories from the Forgotten Pärnu) and Salapärase Venemaa lugu (Story of the Mysterious Russia) 2015, Härjapea jõe saladus (The Secret of River Härjapea), 100 põnevat lugu Tallinnast (100 Interesting Stories about Tallinn) and Pelgulinna aja lood (The Story of Pelgulinn) 2016, Sada põnevat lugu Eesti Vabariigist (100 Interesting Stories about the Republic of Estonia), Islami põnev lugu (The Fascinating Story of Islam) and Kalamaja aja lood (Stories from Kalamaja) 2017, Kelmiküla aja lood (Stories from Kelmiküla) and Eesti kummituslossid (Haunted Houses of Estonia) 2018, Kassisaba aja lood (Stories from Kassisaba), Põnevad lood vanast Tallinnast. Isa põnevad jutud ajaloost (Interesting Stories about Old Tallinn. Father’s Fascinating Stories about History) and Tallinn. Erilised hetked (Tallinn. Special Moments, author of the texts) 2019

Hobbies: history



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