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I have been a lecturer and a professor in the University of Tartu since 1976 in the fields of history and archival studies. I have participated in international science projects and have published five books. During the Singing Revolution, I became an activist of the Popular Front. In 1991, I worked as the Head of the Estonian Information Bureau in Stockholm. In 2001–2015, I worked as the Chairman of Tartu City Council (at intervals, while also serving as an MP). I was a member of the Cultural Affairs Committee in the 11th and 12th Riigikogu.

Estonian Centre Party Faction
Cultural Affairs Committee
Electoral district: City of Tartu

Aadu Must


City of Tartu Electoral District

25 March 1951, Pärnu, Estonia
Married, four daughters

Education: Tartu Secondary School No. 7 1969; University of Tartu, history (cum laude); Candidate of History (equivalent to PhD) 1985

Career: Tori Cultural Centre, Artistic Director 1971–1973; University of Tartu, Faculty of Philosophy, lecturer 1976–, Senior Researcher 1989–1991, Assistant Professor in the History Department, 1993–1997, Head of the Chair of Archival Studies 1994–1997, Professor 1997–, Head of the History Department 2004–2006; Estonian Information Bureau in Stockholm, Head 1991

Party affiliation: Estonian Centre Party 1996–; Member of the Board

Membership in representative bodies: Congress of Estonia; Committee of Estonia; 11th Riigikogu 2007–2009, 12th Riigikogu 2011–2013 (Deputy Chairman of the Cultural Affairs Committee), 13th and 14th Riigikogu (Deputy Chairman of the Cultural Affairs Committee 2015–2016, Chairman 2016–); Tartu City Council 1989–1991, 1999–2007, 2017–2021 (Chairman 2001–2007, 2009–2011, 2013–2015, 2017–2020)

Awards: Order of the White Star, 4th Class 2005. Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland 2005; Grand Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau of the Netherlands 2008

Other activities: journal “Kleio” / “Ajalooline Ajakiri”, re-founder, Editor-in-Chief 1988–2003; National Library of Estonia, Supervisory Board 2007–2009, 2015–2017, Chairman 2018–2019; Presidium of the Baltic Assembly 2011–2013, 2015– , President (2017, 2020–), Vice-President (2018–2019) and Head of the Estonian delegation 2017–2019; Association of Estonian Cities, Board 2010–2011, 2014–2015; Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Board of Governors 2015–; Academic Historical Society; Learned Estonian Society; Estonian Professional Association of Archivists; Council of Archives; Tartu Toome Rotary Club
Books “Sindi linn ja 1. Detsembri nimeline Vabrik 1833–1983” (“Town and Textile Industry of Sindi 1833–1983”) 1985, “Eestlaste perekonnaloo allikad” (“Sources of Estonian Family History”) 2000, “Põrgu värk: ajalootuulest ja põrguluulest” (“The Matter of Hell : About the Wind of History and the Poetry of Hell”) 2005, “Rahvarinne 1988. Kakskümmend aastat hiljem” (“The Popular Front 1988. Twenty Years Later)” 2008 (co-author), compilation “Eesti ajalugu. V. Pärisorjuse kaotamisest Vabadussõjani” (“History of Estonia, Part V. From the Abolition of Serfdom until the War of Independence”) 2010 (co-author), “Siber ja Eesti: jalaraua kõlin” (“Siberia and Estonia: Clanking of Shackles”) 2012, “Von Privilegierten zu Geächteten: die Repressalien gegenüber deutschbaltischen Honoratioren während des Ersten Weltkrieges” 2014, “Perekonnaloo uurija käsiraamat” (“Genealogist’s Manual”) 2015; “Muutugu ja kadugu! Baltisakslased ja Esimene maailmasõda” (“May They Change and Perish! The Baltic Germans and World War I”) 2016. Articles in specialist publications; writer and editor for publications on history

Hobbies: Estica in the archives of the world



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