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My political mantra is the following: people should be granted a really perceptible power and it should be coupled with traditional, proven European and national permanent values.
There are answers to the questions about direct democracy, as well as to the dilemmas of culture, including political culture. Fortitude, political will, support from political party, and backing from the people are needed to implement these answers.

Conservative People’s Party of Estonia Faction
Constitutional Committee, Anti-Corruption Select Committee
Electoral district: Harjumaa and Raplamaa

Paul Puustusmaa


Harju County and Rapla County Electoral District

5 September 1964, Kuressaare, Estonia
Non-marital partnership, two daughters and one son, grandchildren

Education: Põlva Coeducational Gymnasium 1982; University of Tartu, law (equivalent to Master’s degree) 1992

Career: AS Raidman, Lawyer 1992–1998; Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations, Head of Legal Department 1998–2005; AS YIT Ehitus, Head of Legal Department 2005–2008; AA-Juriidilised Teenused OÜ, Member of the Board, Lawyer 2008–2019

Party affiliation: Estonian Conservative People’s Party 2012–

Membership in representative bodies: 14th Riigikogu  (Chairman of the Constitutional Committee 2019–2020); Kiili Rural Municipality Council 2021–

Hobbies: digital art, grandchildren



  • Euroopa Liidu ühise põllumajanduspoliitika rakendamise seaduse muutmise seaduse eelnõu (439 SE) teine lugemine
  • Suur tänu! Hea ettekandja! Euroopa Liidu ühtse põllumajanduspoliitika kõige suurem häda on see, et ta ei ole ühtne, et Prantsuse põllumeestel on teatud soodustused rohkem võrreldes, ütleme, Eesti põllumeestega. Ja küsin seda, kas see eelnõu kuidagiviisi võrdsustab või ühtlustab või teeb paremaks mei
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18.01.2022 / 10:03
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