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My world view is classically liberal. I believe that private owners are the best managers of property. People must not be discouraged from working hard and striving for a better future by laying a proportionately heavy burden on them.
I would describe myself as a municipal politician who is full-heartedly devoted to the welfare of rural communities. I always speak up when the regions outside Harju County need someone in their corner. Rural life in Estonia is a value that we must keep.

Estonian Reform Party Parliamentary Group
Legal Affairs Committee
Electoral district: Võrumaa, Valgamaa and Põlvamaa

Anti Haugas

Anti Haugas

Võru County, Valga County and Põlva County Electoral District

10 October 1992, Võru
Non-marital partnership, two children

Education: Võru Kreutzwald Gymnasium 2012; Tallinn University of Technology, administrative management 2021

Career: OÜ EstHawk, Member of Board 2014–

Party affiliation: Estonian Reform Party 2011–

Membership in representative bodies: 15th Riigikogu; Võru City Council 2017– (Chair 2021–)

Other activities: sports club Werro Originaal; Police and Border Guard Board, South-East Police Station, assistant police officer with independent competence

Hobbies: volleyball



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