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Work of the Rural Affairs Committee

The Rural Affairs Committee is a standing committee of the Riigikogu that directs the legislative activities and developments in the sphere of rural and agricultural policy, agriculture, fishing, food, plant and animal protection, local government organisation, land reform and land readjustment. The Committee also exercises control over the activities of the Government in these fields.

Work with draft legislation

In the Rural Affairs Committee, discussions on topical issues connected with rural life, rural business and regional policy are held. Ministers and representatives of different agencies, agricultural producers, farmers, processors of agricultural products and other organisations connected with rural life take part in them. The Committee also organises fact-finding sessions and visits in order to become acquainted with local problems.

Draft legislation dealing with agriculture and fisheries that concerns the organisation of veterinary activities, cattle farming, animal breeding, fisheries, crop farming, plant protection, agricultural and fisheries market, etc., belongs to the competence of the Rural Affairs Committee.

Since 2013, the Rural Affairs Committee also deals with the draft legislation on local governments, administrative division of the territory of Estonia and regulation of place names. Associations of local governmentsare involved in the discussions on the issues of local governments.

Land reform and land readjustment also belong to the sphere of activities of the Committee. Besides amendments to the Land Reform Act, the Committee deals with the amendments to the Land Readjustment Act, Land Valuation Act and Cadastral Register Act.

Other functions

The Rural Affairs Committee exercises control over the activities of the Government within its area of activity and forms positions on the relevant European Union draft legislation.


Last updated: 23.10.2023



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