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This week is of critical importance in deciding the fate of Ukraine. Aid packages are discussed and voted at the European Council, in the US Congress as well as in the Riigikogu, the Parliament of Estonia.

Both in Brussels and in Washington, the decisions that are vital for Ukraine are becoming tangled due to domestic conflicts and the Kremlin’s influence activities. 

In its statements, the Riigikogu has repeatedly and unanimously affirmed Estonia’s support for Ukraine’s EU and NATO membership and unwavering assistance to Ukraine until it has won the war. Currently, the Riigikogu is discussing four legislative drafts that are connected with helping Ukraine.

With the draft Resolution 336 OE, Estonia will provide a guarantee to the European Investment Bank so that it could grant loans to Ukraine for building and reconstructing critical infrastructure. It is urgent. Estonia has been among the initiators of the provision of guarantee, but is now about to be excluded because the draft Resolution is facing obstacles. 451 motions to amend it have been submitted.

With the draft Resolution 259 OE, Estonia will give its consent to increasing the capital in the Council of Europe Development Bank, which would enable more effective activities in the reconstruction of Ukraine. The states will increase their holdings proportionally.

According to the draft Resolution 258 OE, Estonia will participate in covering the interest expenses of the loan granted to Ukraine as a joint activity of the European Union in the course of four years. 100 motions to amend it have been submitted, and its fate is unclear.

Bill 337 SE will enable companies to make donations to Ukraine to a larger extent than usual.

The passing of all these drafts would help save lives in Ukraine, strengthen the security in Europe and in Estonia, and would be in line with the statements in support of Ukraine we ourselves have adopted. The swift legislative proceeding and consensual passing of these legislative drafts should be an honour for the Parliament of Estonia.

Some days ago, after our US colleagues had failed to approve the aid package to Ukraine, Olena Zelenska said, “If the world gets tired, they will simply let us die.”

Estonia cannot afford getting tired in helping Ukraine. 

We call on all our colleagues to put aside their differences when dealing with these legislative drafts, to show that our actions back up our words, and to pass these drafts during this session.

For more information, please contact:
Eerik-Niiles Kross
Chairman of Estonia-Ukraine Parliamentary Friendship Group
+372 631 6607
[email protected]