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In the opinion of former Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas, the least that Prime Minister Jüri Ratas could do under the escalation of the crisis in Syria is to cancel his tomorrow’s visit to Russia.

“There is no justification for the brutality of Assad, who is supported by Putin, and it is the duty of the international community to interfere in words, attitudes and deeds,” Rõivas said. 

Rõivas added that unfortunately the messages of Mikser and Tsahkna had no weight as long as the leading politician of the Prime Minister’s party Yana Toom ridiculed them publicly and, moreover, instead of unambiguously condemning Toom’s statements, the Prime Minister was going on a visit to Russia. 

“I do not like at all the idea of Estonia where Yana Toom is the brightest foreign policy star. I expect more decisive behaviour from Jüri Ratas both in words and deeds,” former Prime Minister emphasised.