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The National Defence Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) was given an overview of the safety awareness and preparedness course of the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organisation (Naiskodukaitse). The course covers home safety, fire safety, behaviour in nature, as well as physical self-defence, self-defence in information environment and the code of conduct in case of an armed conflict.

Deputy Chairman of the National Defence Committee Mart Helme, who chaired the sitting, thinks that the work of the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organisation is valuable, and the knowledge and skills of the people who have completed the course can be used in crisis situations, emergency situations as well as during the war.

“Three years ago, nobody spoke of population protection, but today we are making some progress with it already, although the pace and scope are not yet sufficient,” Helme said.

Member of the Committee Madis Milling considered it positive that the Rescue Board and the Population Protection Task Force were consulted during the preparation of the course. In Milling’s opinion, it could also be hoped that the mobile application presenting the content of the course will enable to pass on the information from the young to the older people.

Chairwoman of the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organisation Airi Tooming and Training Development Specialist Helen Allas told the Committee that the safety precautions course lasted for 20 hours, and it was conducted during weekends. Next year, it is planned to train 300 women within the framework of the course. Starting from 2019, the course will be mandatory for all members of the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organisation.

Last week the National Defence Committee was given an overview of the activities of the Population Protection Task Force. The safety precautions course of the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organisation is directly related to it.

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