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Today, the Riigikogu passed a Statement where it condemns the actions of the Moscow Patriarchate in justifying and supporting Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and declares the Moscow Patriarchate an institution sponsoring Russia’s military aggression.

75 members of the Riigikogu voted in favour of passing the Statement of the Riigikogu “On Declaring the Moscow Patriarchate an Institution Sponsoring the Military Aggression of the Russian Federation” (420 AE), and 8 members were against it.

In this Statement, the Riigikogu strongly condemns the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and the unlawful annexation of the territory conquered in the course of the aggression, and notes that Putin’s terrorist regime with its threats of nuclear weapon has become the key menace to peace in Europe and the whole world.

“Ever since the Russian Federation launched a full-scale war against Ukraine in 2022, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Rus has expressed his public support to the act of aggression of the terrorist regime of the Russian Federation. The leaders of the Moscow Patriarchate and Patriarch Kirill are using the Russian World ideology as a tool to promote the war; it is utilised to destroy the last manifestations of Russian democracy, militarise Russian society, and justify the aggression in order to extend the Russian Federation to all the territories dominated by it in the past, including Ukraine,” the Riigikogu says in its Statement.

The Statement evokes the policy document “The present and future of the Russian world” adopted by the World Russian People’s Council, which has been established under the auspices of the Russian Orthodox Church and is led by the Moscow Patriarch; the document describes the war of aggression in Ukraine as a holy war both against Ukraine and the whole West, and also views a wider expanse of territories than the former Russian empire as part of the sphere of influence of the Russian Federation. “The calls of the Moscow Patriarchate contain an inherent danger to Estonia’s security and survival, including a direct threat to the public and constitutional order in Estonia,” the Estonian parliament says.

The Statement defines Estonia as a democratic state that stands for religious freedom; the state must also ensure everyone’s freedom to choose the religion to follow. “In the world today, the state also needs to protect people from terrorist and other hostile propaganda as well as incitements to violence. Protection from such propaganda also applies to Orthodox residents of Estonia, regardless of their language, ethnicity, or canonical association,” the Riigikogu declares and expresses disgust for the abuse and distortion of the tradition of religion and orthodoxy by the Moscow Patriarchate and the current regime in Moscow. “In light of the actions of the Moscow Patriarchate so far, there is a persistent threat of people being influenced in this pseudo-religious context.”

The Riigikogu affirms its repudiation of the actions of the Moscow Patriarchate as an institution that justifies and supports the aggression of the Russian Federation and feels validated in declaring the Moscow Patriarchate an institution sponsoring Russia’s military aggression. The Riigikogu calls on all states and the international community to suppress the hostile influencing activities of the Moscow Patriarchate.

The Riigikogu also emphasises that declaring the Moscow Patriarchate an institution sponsoring Russia’s military aggression concerns the Moscow Patriarchate as an institution and a directing body, not the people who follow the orthodox traditions. “Orthodox associations and congregations should also carry out their own assessment of the threat to public order and to their members caused by the hostile influencing activities, and take the necessary steps to cut the ties with the Moscow Patriarchate. The Republic of Estonia must preserve the constitutional right to religious freedom, with full consideration for the rights and freedoms of everyone living here,” the Riigikogu declares in its Statement.

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