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On 17 December 2014, the Board of the 12th Riigikogu met with the representatives of factions (Board of Elders minutes No 4). The meeting approved the good practice of conduct of members of the Riigikogu (good practice), which is to be published in the Manual for Members of the Riigikogu at the start of the term of the 13th Riigikogu.

The drafting of the principles of the Good Practice of Members of the Riigikogu was initiated in 2012 by Kaja Kallas who convened a working group including Andres Anvelt, Mart Nutt and Kadri Simson.

The Board of the Riigikogu and representatives of factions approved the principles of the Good Practice of Members of the Riigikogu on 17 December 2014. The final working group comprised Kadri Simson, Barbi Pilvre, Kaia Iva, Valdo Randpere and Kalle Laanet.

The Anti-Corruption Select Committee discussed the good practice at its sittings on 12 and 26 January 2015, and decided to develop and publish case examples of possible situations where there is a conflict of interests, in order to explain the principles, on the web page of the parliament. We will also add relevant recommendations on how to act so that the members of the new Riigikogu would be aware of the facts related to good conduct.

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