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The Foresight Centre is carrying out a study on the future of the labour market in 2017–2018, with the objective of understanding the possible developments of the labour market and the contributing factors behind these by developing preliminary studies and scenarios. The project analyses the alternative models of social welfare and taxation with the objective of assessing their suitability for different scenarios.

Against the backdrop of the developments at the labour market, countries are facing challenges in their legal and social systems, the most important of which include the protection of workers in the unpredictable field of labour, legal and taxation issues in the growing global labour market, and adapting to the changed skills and expectations of the digital world. When it comes to the long-term developments of the labour market, it is important to understand the combined effect of different factors.

The purpose in creating the scenarios is to get an idea of the possible alternative future situations up to the year 2030 by combining changes that could affect the labour market. The scenario-based approach will help to understand the connections between the affecting factors and their possible developments, and contributes to developing solutions that are better suited to the new changing situation; this includes drafting provisions that could become fixed in the legislation.


Last updated: 12.04.2018