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The objective of the Foresight Centre public (e-)governance study project is to create alternative scenarios on public sector governance until 2030, taking into account the possible combined effects of technological developments and institutional variables (changes in the principles and organisation of public governance).

Over the last two decades, the Estonian state has excelled in offering e-services in a number of fields, which makes it unique in the world. For a successful ongoing progress in this field, the central question is how the new technological solutions and opportunities could be used even more efficiently and broadly in public sector governance.

From the point of view of public sector governance, the central issue is how to provide public benefits that meet the expectations in the conditions of the declining population figures, mobile and flexible labour market and the consequent possible reduction of the tax base, and global competition, as well as how to involve the citizens into decision making processes.

The main choices and steps are identified for the benefit of the policy shapers, to improve the likelihood of seeing the different scenarios being realised.


Last updated: 07.02.2018