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Study Projects

The Foresight Centre conducts study projects on various topics with the aim of analysing long-term developments in the society and identifying new trends and developments.
For all its study projects, the Centre maps the current situation, systematises the results of the existing studies, and conducts additional research if necessary. The final goal of the research and study projects is to present alternative scenarios of the developments that could take place in the fields under study.

Research Topics of the Foresight Centre

  • If you wish to invite us to talk about the results of our study projects, or if you have suggestions about new research topics, please contact us at arenguseire@riigikogu.ee

Workshops for Simulating the Scenarios

The Foresight Centre offers the possibility to test the reliability of strategies and other long-term plans in the case of realisation of different scenarios. Playing through the scenarios helps consider alternative policies or decisions at an early stage by comparing different future situations.

All organisations that make long-term plans for the development of their field, like the government agencies responsible for the preparation of strategies, local governments, non-profit associations, companies, study committees of the Riigikogu, etc., are the target group of simulation of scenarios.

  • If you are interested in the simulation of scenarios to test your strategies, please contact us at arenguseire@riigikogu.ee

Seminars and Conferences

In order to involve the wider public in foresight, the Foresight Centre organises various seminars and conferences.

  • If you wish to get information about the seminars and conferences of the Foresight Centre, please write us at arenguseire@riigikogu.ee

Thematic Meetings

The Foresight Centre holds thematic meetings that give the participants systemic factual overview of current issues and potential problems and points of decision in policy shaping. We organise thematic meetings in cooperation with the experts of the fields.

  • If you wish to get information about the thematic meetings held at the Foresight Centre, please write us at arenguseire@riigikogu.ee

Trends Review Pikksilm

Trends review Pikksilm summarises the major future developments in the world and analyses what they mean to Estonia. The authors of the articles are recognised Estonian experts.

You can read the articles published in Pikksilm (in Estonian)  HERE

Proposals for the topics of the articles to be published in Pikksilm can be sent to arenguseire@riigikogu.ee


The newsletter of the Foresight Centre is published once a month. It covers the topical issues the think tanks of the world are discussing. The newsletter also tells about our events and activities.

  • You can become a subscriber of the newsletter, and also read the back issues (in Estonian) HERE

International Cooperation

The Foresight Centre participates actively in international cooperation. It is important for being informed about the latest knowledge and the methods used, and also for studying certain issues together with the international think tanks. 

We cooperate with the following international actors:

OECD foresight network (Government Foresight Community, GFC)
OECD analysis teams
Nordic West Office
European Parliament Research Service (EPRS)
European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC)
Joint Research Centre (JRC)
Committee for the Future at the Finnish Eduskunta
Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA
Research Institute of the Finnish Economy ETLA
Digital Squads, a cooperation project of think tanks analysing digital developments



Last updated: 11.06.2020