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For all the study projects, the Foresight Centre maps the current situation, systematises the results of the existing studies, and conducts additional studies if necessary. At the last stage, the Centre develops alternative scenarios until 2030, and identifies which decisions still need to be made by policy shapers.

Human resources of Estonia

The human resources research path focuses on the “broad approach” of assessing the quality of human resources, that is, the attitudes, values, and well-being of the people. It is a meta-analysis where developments are interrelated to the scenarios that have already been created or are being created.

The financial well-being of the future elderly

The monitoring project analysing the financial well-being of the future elderly brings together the existing studies and, as a result, the scenarios for funding old age will be developed. Besides that, significant developments and decision points, and their impact, will also be discussed.

Regional economic developments

The central objective of the regional economy research path is to identify the regional economic development scenarios in Estonia. The end result of the research will be alternative scenarios in the perspective of 2035.

Governance 2030

The Foresight Centre is suggesting five scenarios for governance and e-Estonia to broaden public the debate and identify important decision making opportunities when directing the future of Estonia. The scenarios highlight the pros and cons of different choices and focus on the crucial dilemmas.

Productivity Scenarios 2035

The decreasing growth rate of productivity has been noticed in the USA and several Western European countries ever since the 1960’s, but after the last global recess the growth of productivity in global economy has been very modest as a whole. Estonian economy and that of other Central and Eastern European countries has not escaped that. Reasons are usually the languishing investments post crisis, low demand in world economy, and general instability dominant in the economic environment.

Labour Market 2035

This report is a bird’s-eye view of the main challenges and development perspectives of the Estonian labour market in the context of major and emerging global trends. The purpose of the report is to demonstrate what the Estonian labour market could become in the next decades in combination of the factors affecting us the most and what are the most important decision points emerging from the development trajectories already today.



Last updated: 03.04.2019