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The purpose of the study National and Cross-Border Mobility in Estonia is to consider the development prospects of mobility in Estonia and further afield, outline alternative development avenues, and connect the mobility profiles of residents and the major transport investments to the scenarios.

Human oriented approach is crucial in studying the future of mobility. Understanding how people and businesses make mobility-related decisions and introduce new technologies allows us to plan and assess the impact of different changes, and apply technological innovations for the benefit of individuals and the society.

Mobility is important because it shapes the way we live our lives. We move around to go to work, study, enjoy our free time, and so forth. Social changes over the last two decades have considerably affected how and why we move and use the transport system. Over the next decades, we will most likely see even bigger changes.

Long-term insecurity makes planning more difficult. This is particularly true for long-lifespan infrastructure investments. The use of scenarios helps the policy shapers to understand different decision sets and apply the choices that are the most reliable for the largest number of possible and credible future scenarios. On the other hand, simulating future worlds let us plan the transport system in a way that would allow us to adapt it easily to changing conditions. The scenario project supports the drafting of the transport and mobility development plan in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, and will hopefully contribute towards more reliable choices and a better mobility environment.

The framework of the mobility research will result in an overview of trends that affect mobility, the mobility profiles of Estonian residents, mobility scenarios in 2035, and their link to investment plans and mobility profiles.

The deadline for the analytical material of the project is October 2020.

Key research questions:

  • What are the key factors and possible dramatic changes that direct people’s mobility and means of transport?
  • What are the development perspectives of national and distant mobility in Estonia?
  • What are the main dilemmas around mobility that the decision makers should keep in mind?


Published: 27.04.2020