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Work of the Foresight Centre

Foresight Centre is an independent unit formed under the Chancellery of the Riigikogu on the basis of the Foresight Act for the identification and analysis of long-term (covering a time horizon of more than ten years) developments in the Estonian society, and preparation of development scenarios on their bases. Its task is the distinction of opportunities and risks for the Estonian society, monitoring the realization of development scenarios and, where necessary, the adjustment of development scenarios.

The task of the Foresight Centre is the identification and analysis of developments in the society, and preparation of development scenarios.

These future visions have to cover as many sectors as possible, and take into account various aspects of the development of society both in Estonia and on the global scale.

The Foresight Centre is independent in the performance of its duties. It has a separate budget, and the right to make decisions regarding the planning and realisation of its activities.

In order to ensure the independence of foresight, the Foresight Council has been formed at the Foresight Centre. The Council has five members, who are recognised experts in the field of research, business and technology. The Foresight Council:

  • approves the action plan of foresight;
  • makes proposals for the selection of principal trends and topics of foresight;
  • evaluates the implementation of the action plan and the targeted use of budgetary funds;
  • provides an assessment of the completed monitoring and analyses;
  • gives approval to employment in and release from service of the head of centre;
  • performs other functions assigned to it by legislation.


Last updated: 15.11.2017