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Highly specialized, world market-leading, often family-owned companies are known as „Hidden Champions”. The value chains of the these ‘Mittelstand’ companies are global. This seminar will explore the challenges and opportunities of German Mittelstand companies when transferring business practices to Brazil from cultural and institutional perspectives.

Most discussions on global values chains focus on large multinationals and center around economic and political factors. However, increasingly smaller businesses such as the German family owned Mittelstand companies trade across borders. The awareness of and ability to handle different cultural and institutional environments can make or break their business.

German Mittelstand companies in Brazil have shown capacity to operate in culturally and institutionally different environments. What are lessons that businesses and policy-makers can learn from their activities? What kind of opportunities and obstacles exist for doing business in Brazil as the trade agreement between EU and Mercosur will further market integration?

Madeleine Bausch, Researcher and PhD Candidate, University of Passau, Germany

Ramiro dos Santos Breitbach, First Secretary, Embassy of Brazil in Tallinn

Meelis Kitsing, Head of Research, Foresight Centre

We are pleased to invite you to the seminar „German Hidden Champions in Brazil”. The seminar will take place from 14:00 to 15:30 on Wednesday, August 21, 2019 in the seminar room of Foresight Centre (Toompea 1, Tallinn).

To attend, please register by writing to ask@riigikogu.ee by Monday, August 19.