Riigikogu Committee of Investigation to Ascertain the Circumstances Related to the Export of Military Equipment from the Territory of the Republic of Estonia on the Ferry Estonia in 1994

The purpose of the Committee of Investigation is to give an objective and impartial analysis of the circumstances related to the export of military equipment on the ferry Estonia and to provide an assessment of the affair.

The Committee wishes to identify the concerned officials and public agencies of the Republic of Estonia and to make proposals for the future prevention of security risks in civilian shipping.

The Committee of Investigation was formed by a resolution of the Riigikogu on 19 May 2005. The Committee terminated its activities on 15 November 2006.

» Final report (pdf)

Margus Leivo - Chairman
Evelyn Sepp - Vice-Chairman
Jarno Laur
Ülle Rajasalu
Ken-Marti Vaher
Trivimi Velliste

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